Forgotten Languages, Invisible Fishermen, And A Job That Just Needs To Get Done.

In the multiple renditions I heard from various people, no one ever really knew where in Mali it took place, and I don’t ever recall actually hearing the name of the ethnic group or language involved, both facts were lost in the recounting. However, leaving out these details in no way diminished the intriguing nature of the encounter that the story told.

I’m Married To A “True Mama Africa!”

The Security trainer simply responded, “For security reasons, we highly recommend that no one drive a motorcycle in a security situation such as we find in Mali right now.”….He simply commented, “I guess we’re screwed then!”

When Streetlights Serve As Schools For Children

Some insights are only gained at night. Yes, you read that correctly. In Sikasso, Mali, West Africa, my eyes were opened one night to the existence of what I will refer to as “streetlight students” of Sikasso.