Pizza In Sikasso, Mali? Introducing “Le Nid”

the Al Baraka also makes cakes, and has Pizza,  hamburgers, and Shawarma sandwiches  on the menu. The quality is not that great, but as your food standards lessen over the term, and as you grow tired of same three rice sauce dishes, chicken, and fish options, the Al Baraka begins to look good. The shawarmas are just ok. The hamburger ranges from ok to downright terrible. But I don’t mind them from time to time. The real reason we avoid the place is that  my wife gets sick off the food there fairly often, and that has not been the case with most other places we eat.

Sun Dried Skulls & Jaw Bones Remind Us That The Sahara Desert Will Kick Your Ass!

Waiting for people to “comprehend” is why we actually get paid for what we do. Walking with them until they do “comprehend” is the most difficult and tedious work of all. But this slow “walking with them”  is where relationships are built, relationships that enable you to discover and appreciate the real Mali.  The real Mali is not discovered through a project lens, only a friendship lens.

Malian Islam Meets Western Christianity On A Bench in Mali, West Africa

Four of these men are originally from Gao, and one from Timbuktu. One of them says he is an “Arabic teacher” which probably means he is a Koranic teacher, teaching students the Arabic Koran, and helping them memorize it in Arabic. We certainly had much to chat about last term with the bombing going on, and the French trying to extract Al-Qaeda from their very own home towns in the North.

It’s Taken Three Years To Find Home and Office In Mali, West Africa

no glass, but were louvered tin that kept out rain, and were always open about an inch to allow constant fair flow This meant that the house was full of dirt and dust all the time, no matter how many times a day the place was swept. The donkeys that rolled in the dust just 10 meters away from the house did not help, nor the cotton trucks pounding down the dirt road only several hundred meters away. The windows had no

When Simple Things Are Not So Simple In Mali, West Africa

My friend Salifu Koné arrived at my house last night.  I love the guy, we are both cut from the same tree, I’m certain of it. Honestly, I’d say we must have had the same mother, except that Salifu is true Malian black, and I’m redhead white. Salifu had five children with his first wife,…

The Morning Vibrancy Of Mali

As I walk to the bakery, I was struck by the vibrancy of this place. The unusual shadows cast from the morning light as it filters through the morning harmatan haze (Sahara dust). The flamboyant colors of the cloth and cloths being worn and sold. I’m struck by the diverse and riveting color of the spices being set out in huge bowls and sacks.

Beating Women And Children – Things I Dislike About Africa

One thing for certain is that beating kids, women, wives, husbands, crooks, or anyone perceived as “doing bad” is not frowned on very much. If one hangs around a village long enough, you will hear this repeated almost every day in some family within earshot.