I’ve Had A Fake Registration Card For Three Years: More On The Motorcycle License Plate Issues

I have had a fake “Carte Gris” (Registration Grey Card) for my 125 cc Sanya Motorcycle since 2011. That is what I discovered today. This is why the licence plate never seems to arrive for my moto, it’s on another car already. Yes, a CAR, a Mercedes to be exact, from another town. This is what the director found out when he checked on my supposed plate number today. My moto is not really registered at all. I have been checking for my licence plate for three years for no reason at all it seems.

When I bought the bike, I paid the extra CFA to have all the papers completed. They were to pay the taxes, duty, register the bike, and order the plates for me. Most of the locals buy their motos without the import tax being paid as it is much cheaper. However, that is a sure way to get hassled on the road at police stops.  No thanks, that is not for me. I want everything done properly, so there is no reason in the world I can get hassled.  When I bought the Sanya we also bought  two smaller motos for our interns. The papers and registration were fine on those motos, and the plates arrived and were put on the bikes too. So the guy I bought from can’t be all bad. Only 1/3 rd dishonest, but a burgeoning 2/3 rds  honest, right?

I asked the director what to do about getting a proper registration done, and he told me to get the guy who sold  moto to me and bring him in. Once he saw him, the director said this was the fourth time this guy was brought in over the issue. Truth is, they all do it, and I know it. But we hopefully got it all worked out.

The reality is the bike cannot be registered properly until the the import taxes are paid, about 100,000 cfa ($200). This was in my purchase price, but since they have not been paid, either knowingly or unknowingly, someone pocketed the money.

My sales guy says he will go pay them and take care of this right away. All this passed the Director’s desk. We will see.

I still have my original receipt, and the bike papers from 2011, and the young man took a photocopy of it all and assured me it will be done immediately. I had one of his office guys verify that the VIN number on the bike, and my papers are indeed correct.

Anyway, he said he is taking care of it right away. I hope it is so. He knows if he does not, he is losing a good client. I was already in looking to buy another bike, thinking of getting a newer one.

I think I’ll hold on that for now.

I’m trying to be honest… but Mali won’t let me. It’s still an uphill battle.

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