Malian Motorcycle Papers Saga Continues – My First Police Stop Inspection

I went to the Mayor’s office for the fifth time in two weeks, to see if I could get my Vignette yet.

You can read about the first four times here. In Mali How Difficult Can It Be To Procure A Motorcycle Licence Plate, Vignette And Insurance

Also read about how I found out  I’ve Had A Fake Registration Card For Three Years: More On The Motorcycle Licence Plate Issues

Well, this time the gentleman responsible for the Vignettes announced that they will not get any more until the new 2014 vignettes arrive. I asked the gentleman how I could drive without the police hassling me, if I can’t buy a Vignette? He said it’s a problem. However, he said that he could sell me a Vignette for a smaller bike, a Jakarta 100 cc,  and the police should let me go. The actual Vignette for my Sanya 125 cc is about 5,000 or 6,000 CFA.  So I paid for the Jakarta Vignette, plunking down 2000 cfa, and hoped for the best until the 2014  vignetttes arrive in mid January.

Now that you have read about my Fake Carte Gris, you understand why I was more than nervous to be driving around with my bike today. Fake Registration card, not the proper vignette.

I had a meeting with a bunch of village ladies concerning our drought season gravity feed drip irrigated garden program, over 30 km out in the bush. It had been scheduled for days, with more than thirty people to be present, so I had to be there. Wouldn’t you know it, today would be the first time I got stopped by the police since my return. I was certainly nervous.

The police guy looked over my Fake Carte Gris, and it seemed to pass inspection like ti did every other time the last three years.But they have no way of knowing without a computer to check. He looked over my Vignette, but said nothing about it being for the wrong bike, then my insurance, and driver’s licence.  He asked me if my Carte Gris was for my car, and I said  it was for this bike.

I honestly thought he picked up on something.

He said my papers are in order, and wished me a good day.

Whew….. is all I can say.  That was a close call.

I was trying to get a hold of my friend yesterday, the guy who took me to this man to buy my motos. I was doing the African thing, so that now he too will be pursuing this with me, and the sales friend he took me to. He’s obligated to help me work it out in this culture. My friend was not in reception yesterday,  but he was here at the office when I came in from the bush today.  I told him the story about the false registration card; he was upset. He said he was going over to make sure the proper papers are bring worked on FAST.

I’m still crossing my fingers,  but not holding my breath, as I might die before seeing results.


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