Malian Desert Guitar Rhythms Versus Street Disco in Sikasso

Working in my office this morning. My second story office window faces one of the main market streets in Sikasso, where I see a string of shops and cubicles.

As I work, I’m sipping on my mug of tea and listening to some wonderful Malian Music. Mali has some of the most soulful and unique guitar rhythms in the world, played by some of the best desert guitar players in the world…. Musicians come from all over the world to learn and partake in this uniquely Malian music experience. However, as I try to listen to this rich rhythm, the video-music sales shed across the street is BLASTING Disco music so loud I almost can’t hear my Malian music.

How’s that for a head twister? Desert Guitar versus Disco.

Is it a case of not knowing what you have?

I hope to actually attend the “Festival In The Desert” before I die. Unfortunately, with the situation in the north the world class festival has been shut down for several years.

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