Malian Motorcycle Papers – Proper Legal Registration Is In The Works.

Well, at least I think so.

After last week’s bombshell that I have fake Registration papers for my moto, here is some news. It’s actually good news.

It turns out that my sales guy is not the culprit causing the problem. That makes me feel better. I like him, he is a good guy. He was simply unaware of what was done. He did his part, and assumed the Transitor did his part.

My sales guy, and most other moto sales guys, deposited all their bikes in a dossier with this “Transitor”. A Transitor is a professional business person who offers a service to go to the Customs office, for dozens, even hundreds of vehicles, and in one stop he sees that the taxes and registration of these vehicles are completed in bulk. It’s faster than going with one paper at a time. When the dossier is finally opened, every vehicle in the dossier gets the taxes paid, and papers filled out.

My Samogho friend informed me that a Transitor had a file consisting of over 100 motos from him and various other sales shops; a ten million CFA file. Three of those motos in the dossier were ours for Man Of Peace Development (MOPD).
It turned out that thirty five of the hundred or so motos did not have the tax paid;  the Transitor pocketed the money, and had a “buddy” in Bamako forge false Carte Gris (Grey Cards) for some cash.

Luckily, I had two of the MOPD motos pass through fine. Those were purchases for our former interns, and we have now sold them off. The only moto we still actually have in our possession is the very one with the fake Card.

Anyway, I did the African thing and told my friend who took me to this place, and negotiated the price for me about the issue. He stopped in to see the Samogho (his ethnic group) guy yesterday, and was informed that the file for my bike is with the Duane to have the taxes paid. A week there, and then off to the ONT to get the grey card.He figured that in two weeks we will have everything we need paper work-wise. Then we wait for the license plate… again.

Crossing my fingers.

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