It’s Sikasso But Ground Beef Should Actually Be “Ground” right?

I have been raving about the new restaurant “Le Nid” near the Sikasso round point. We still have had great luck with the shawarma to date, but yesterday left something to be desired. 

I finished up in the office late, so I jumped on the moto and ran over to pick up two,  $2 hamburgers at Le Nid.

The first time I tried one a few weeks back it was not bad. The bun was nice, much nicer than the Al Baraka. The Al Baraka has a huge thick dry bread bun that just sucks all the flavor and moisture out of everything.  Both places add about a half cup of soggy half cooked potato french fries on top of the hamburger patty.  Interesting, is it not?

Anyway, I opened the burger and slathered on a half teaspoon of fresh mashed habanero hot peppers.  (Yes, habaneros are as hot as Hades, but I love them- an old habit developed while living in Ivory Coast.)  I put the burger to my mouth and took a bite and then a chunk of tough meat rolled in to my mouth and I could not even bite through it.

Luckily, my wife was not having the same issue. I kept at my burger and as I hit these chunks of hard meat I could not chew, I (Sorry – gross to tell) picked them out of my mouth and piled them on the tin foil.  I never actually got to eat any hamburger, just the soggy fries on a bun with ketchup and hot peppers.   They did not even have lettuce on it this time.  The whole hamburger patty was really just chunks of rubbery meat,  meat not ground at all. I suspect what happened was they were out of ground beef, and simply diced up some meat for my burger.

So, before you run out to Le Nid in Sikasso just be aware the hamburgers are 50-50. That is the way it seems to go here. A place does  fine for a while, until you get some real crap like this that makes you wonder.  

Same for the Pizza. The first time was excellent, the second time barely edible.

It was disgusting enough this time, and I’m not picky. So much so, that it will be a while before I try a hamburger there again.

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