Handled Brooms Have A Design Flaw – They Make Your Feet Dirty

The Image is funny and painful at the same time. Sorry, but I simply don’t get what I’m seeing.

Some things were designed to be used only one way.  A broom with a handle is one of those items.

We have a girl, about mid twenties, who sweeps and scrubs our home and office three mornings a week. She has been working with us, off and on, for three years a few days a week.

Well, this morning I came out of my office and glanced her way as she swept the hall. I noticed that she still insists on using the broom incorrectly. Sweeping the dirt on her toes and feet. No word a lie. I just stood there with my mouth open, kind of dumbfounded as I watched the process. I almost laughed, but it was not really funny. My thoughts went like this; Why would you keep doing that girl? Doesn’t the grit between your toes get really annoying and disgusting? What’s up with this lady?

She is a village girl we took under our wing three years ago. The only broom she has ever used in her life was a hand held grass broom, you have to bend over to sweep with it. So when we first handed her a Western style broom with a handle she started this sweeping dirt towards her feet thing. Lynn noticed this and taught her how to use an upright broom.

Well, three years later, and the girl is still doing it wrong. She stands up perfectly straight backed, holding the broom perfectly vertical, straight up and down, she reaches forward with her arms and then sweeps, in one foot strokes, pulling the broom straight towards her body, with the the dust and dirt going all over on her feet and toes. She then backs up a step, and does the stroke again, pulling the broom straight toward her feet, and on it goes across the entire hall. I thought she already figured it out a few years back with Lynn.  

I was almost going to call Lynn to come and see the process, so she could give her another lesson, but why bother. She obviously wants to use this modern tool her way, despite being shown a better way. So Ok, just keep doing it your way. Use your feet as dust pan if you wish.

I’m going back into my office because I’ve got bigger fish to fry in this country. This is just too painful to watch any longer.

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