A “Little Pot” Goes A Long Way In West Africa


I have a story for you that you might not believe. A story about a cooking pot. The story touches at least five international families we know of, in three African countries, over seventeen years. This “Pot” created today’s destiny in Mali, West Africa

At this very instant, my wife is popping popcorn in an old steel pot, that we originally gave away, but eventually came back to us again.

The pot was given to us by an American Lady, the Sikes family, in Eastern Ivory Coast in 1996, and Lynn used it as a popcorn popping pot. Our kids had a batch almost every night from that thing. It was part of their African childhood.

When we left Ivory Coast in March of 2000, all our stuff was left to the Jones family, who came to take over our work; we spent about a year together with them.

The pot eventually made it into the hands of a second arriving family, the Hausers, who arrived in Ivory Coast around 2001-2002. They too inherited a bunch of our old stuff. The Hauser family worked in Ivory Coast for three or four years, but eventually moved on to southern Burkina Faso around 2005- 2006 I believe.

We started working in Mali in 2011, about 150km from where the Hauser family is now working; They are just across the border in Burkina Faso.

In the fall of 2011, the Hausers were passing through Sikasso, and dropped off some hand me down stuff they though we might use. In the box was our popcorn pot we used in 1996. Seventeen years later, the pot is back in our possession, and we are snacking on some popcorn made in it, as I type.

It made its rounds, and came back to us.

I think I was destined to eat this popcorn today.

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