Hobbits Live in Mali; Are They “Saucing” On All The Maggi Arome?

IMG_20131229_133648The Maggi Arome just disappeared?  What’s up with that?  Darn Hobbits!

Had an interesting stroll all over the main market today. Things are getting very busy with the new year celebrations almost upon us.

Each year, Sikasso always seems to run out of various food items around this time. It’s never what we expect, and never seems to be the same thing each year. People are purchase-splurging for the new year’s meal celebrations.

We stocked up on eggs yesterday. Last year, eggs disappeared for several weeks into January, and when they finally resurfaced, the price rose a full third, for about two weeks.

Lynn offered to make scrambled eggs for breakfast today, so I headed to the bakery at 6:30 am for some fresh Baguettes. Later, I realized we were out of Maggi Arome (like a very light and watery soya sauce) for my breakfast egg sandwich. So, around 7:45 I strolled back out into the busy Sunday market at our gate, checking all our usual stores, and they did not have any Maggi Arome. What’s up with that? One shop owner said there was none left in the whole town. I checked another half dozen small cubicle stores before I finally stumbled on one cubicle that had one solitary bottle of Maggi. He wipe the red dust off the ancient bottle, and I slapped down my 750 cfa ($1:25) and snapped that baby up.

The Maggi run took me almost an hour, and I only shopped within a 300 meter radius of our home in the main Sikasso market.

I enjoyed the stroll, as the sun was still low and the heat was more than bearable and I was not punching a clock. The sights of an open market are a gift to experience. If you are in a rush, Sunday market can get very vexing. It is hard to move, and people cut you off every few steps it seems. However, if you are out for the experience, and not punching a clock, it is a beautiful life experience worth savoring.

Pretty excited today because we downloaded the new Hobbit movie, “The Desolation of Smaug”. There is another American expat in the city, and she has a friend visiting for Christmas, a Canadian working in Bamako. So we called and asked if they would like to come chez nous,  for the unveiling of “The Hobbit:The Desolation of Smaug” tomorrow evening.

Heck, yes!…. and they generously offered to bring over a small video projector so we can project the movie on the wall, big screen style. Lynn is making some peanut butter fudge and popcorn to go with it.

It will almost be like we are not living in the least developed country on earth. What a treat this will be.

Tomorrow, I am off to the village for a very full day before the Hobbit unveiling. If all goes as planned, we will have thirty six drip irrigated gardens for about 350 people set up and seeded by the end of the week. Yes, you read that correctly. It will be an exhausting, but exciting week.

I always try to space out the projects. But some of the earlier groups always seem to have these little setbacks, and they end up coming on line on top of  the later scheduled projects. It never fails, because it’s West Africa. West Africa does not give one sweet turd about my schedule, my plans, or my “to do” list.  But I enjoy keeping busy and being out with the local people. This is why I came. A showing of the Hobbit movie only serves to grease our wheels a little.

I bet those pesky Hobbits are saucing on the Maggi Arome, to ring in the New Year.

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