Sleepy Tomato Can Kids – Begging is Hard Work – Yep, More News on Koranic Beggar Schools

IMG_20140107_112211These two guys were sleeping on my step this morning, on the side of our building. They were out of it, so I took their picture unaware.

Two days later when I came home at noon, there were 21 “Tomato Can Beggar Kids” sitting on our steps, and another group of seven sitting in the shade of a little cubicle across the road. Within 50 square meters of my gate in Sikasso we had 28 “Tomato Can Kids”. How many more would there be over the whole town of Sikasso? All the boys out begging for some dinner, because they were not fed any at their Koranic Beggar Boarding School? (Yes, I know that most Koranic Schools are not these beggar schools)

My wife and I talked it over and the best we can do, and not get kicked out of the country, is bread. Each time I go to the Bakery I will buy a few extra pieces and hand them to the boys. At least they will have some breakfast. It’s not much, but it is where we will begin. And yes, it really sucks that this is where we have to begin. I’ll not support the institution they are part of, but I will help with a little something for the belly as I can. Hunger was not their choice, it was forced on them.

The Tomato Can Kids….. A Total Human Tragedy Hidden Under the Pretense of “Koranic Education”

The Tomato Can Kids Roam to Beg Again: A Total Human Tragedy Hidden Under the Pretense of “Koranic Education”. Episode #2

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