Real Motorcycle Registration Papers Arrived. No More Fake Papers Required

Ta-Da! The Invisible Humanitarian now has in his hot little Canadian hands a legal, real, true, genuine, authentic registration gray card for his motorcycle.  Well, not quite……………

I am going to drive down to the government office today and confirm it is all legit this time. You may have heard about the fact that I discovered that I had  a Fake Registration Card For Three Years: and how nervous I was to drive anywhere as a result. The first Police Stop after I found out had me sweating bullets as I simply kept producing the fake card while I waited for the Promised Legal Papers that my sales guy assured me were on their way. It took six weeks, instead of the promised two. But who cares, right? At least the legal papers were on the way, and the fake card worked for three years.

What I actually hold in my hand is the receipt, a “Temporary Registration Paper”. The official gray card will be made in Bamako and it will take up to three months for that card to be printed and arrive in Sikasso. Long after I am gone, I might add.

Then I can begin to check on my licence plate. I should have the plate, if I’m lucky, oh……. in a year or two. No odds, because  the papers I have now makes me legal on the road. 

The new vignettes (road tax) came in today for 2014…. so I have that fixed up as well, finally.  Yeah..  you all know How Hard It Is To Get a Vignette, Licence Plate, And Registration in Mali.

Only one thing left to do; I had renew my insurance in December. So now those insurance papers have the fake information on them, from the fake registration card, a licence plate number for another vehicle (Mercedes in another town). I will have to go and see about getting that fixed up as well.

Thank you to my moto sales guy for working it out. I am sorry that he got duped by the crooked transitor.

Love To Hear From You

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