Just Eat That Bush Rat, Red Man!

IMG_20140203_113303A Duungooma village chief is very happily cutting up a forest rat for supper. People at home cringe. These rats live in the bush in holes, and are not like a house rat, and are actually very good eating.

Sporting my newly-pushing red beard, that my wife Lynn Rayner just loves (not), the gathered village people told me that I was no longer a white man (Toubabou). Turns out I’m now a “red man”, according to this village.

I asked the chief why his beard is white, and what I could do to have a white beard like his. He simply said with a smile, “A red man can only grow a red beard; you just have to accept that fact, red man”. We all had a good laugh over that one.

IMG_20140203_115145I jokingly told my Malian friend last night, in my wife’s presence,  that I only grow the beard when it’s time to remind Lynn who’s the boss of the house. Once she clues in again and understands, I shave it off. I must do this from time to time. He laughed and laughed at that one. To which my wife turned around and simply commented, “Is it really worth it?” Good question…..

Red man will probably be receiving a lesson, not giving one………….

Love To Hear From You

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