I Hate Books That Rock My World But Leave Me Feeling Lonely.

Ever read a book that rocked your world? I mean a book that sparked some new enthuasim, vision, zest for life? Maybe the book enabled enough muddled pieces of an, up until now, obsure picture to snap into place – offering just enough clarity to take a few more steps toward a new direction in life. Yes, a book that connected that many dots for us.

You know, we though it was ” just me”, until the printed conversation exposed a soul refreshing realization that I’m not alone in this. In print, I’ve excitedly discovered others on a similar road, and much further progressed in walking along it. Their words now serve as a further down guide, offering some further perspective and clarity. … a glimpse of how this might be as things unfold a little further in this direction.

“One who has just come from reading perhaps one of the best English books will find how many with whom he can converse about it?…. he will find nobody at all to speak to, but must keep silence…. ” (Henry David Thoreau. Walden)

Reveling in some new clarity, we are bursting to dialogue with someone, only to find (or is it feel?) we have no one to share the conversation with.

The issue could be ourselves: We hold back out of fear because of how such conversations will be received.

The issue could be others: We hold back for fear of how things will be perceived and then negatively repeated.

We discover few people around us are interested in this conversation. They are not probing these same things right now, or quickly assume (very common) you are questioning or critizing their path when you explain where you are headed and why.

Kind of feels like getting excited about a restaurant that no one else but you wishes to go to…. ever. Every time we make the suggestion to go there, others will not even regurgitate an outright “no!”; the group just totally ignores the suggestion like it was never uttered by our lips.

I hate books that rock my world, but leave me feeling lonely. However, I’m unable, and unwilling, to stop reading them.

“How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book! The book exists for us, perchance, which will explain our miracles and reveal new ones. The at present unutterable things we may find somewhere uttered. These same questions that disturb and puzzle and confound us have in their turn occurred to all the wise men; not one has been omitted; and each has answered them, according to his ability, by his words and his life.”
(Henry David Thoreau. Walden)

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