My New Lobster Traps Are Progressing


We call them “cookies”.  No, cookies are not lobster bait. I was drilling the sills of the new lobster traps so I could tie on the cross haul-ups and then attach these rubber cookies.
We make a small loop in the main line that we put over the rubber disc. Saves tying and untying knots that can get very tight after months of fishing. On setting or landing day, it is a snap to attach or undo the trap lines very quickly this way.


We have all fifty traps headed and laced up now. My son Ben was cutting the cross haul-ups and cookie ropes. My father was burning the ends of the ropes with a torch to prevent the ends from fraying. I drilled the holes in the sills and tied on the ropes you see. 


Will finish the other half Monday.

Later this week I’ll show you how we put the bait spikes we call “Skivers”, and how we are making the door hinges.

Love To Hear From You

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