More Top Secret Lobster Trap Project News


After lacing up the traps and guiding the hoops, today we began adding some more finishing touches. See that big steel spike sticking up. We drilled a hole and drove that spike in from the bottom. It is used to hold on the lobster bait. We call them “Skivers”


We then installed the escape mechanism. This allows many of the undersized lobsters to escape the trap. Leaving the larger legal sizes for us. Less harm and handling cones to the small lobster this way.


We have to weave in the hard wood sticks and then staple them with an air gun. Notice the “hog ring” on the edge of each escape hatch. They hold the webbing in tight on each end.
After the escape hatch is installed we cut the mesh to open the hole up. We use a torch to burn the ends so the nylon webbing will not continue to fray…


We also drilled the holes for the trap door hinges (enables us to open up the trap to pick out lobster- hopefully- and add bait) and we tied the doors with rope hinges. A first for us to do it this way.


Then we nailed this stick on the side to hold the bungee cord that seals the trap door closed. To open the trap we unhook this bungee cord off this stick.


We then nail a lath along the edge of the trap where all the string is wrapped when lacing in the trap. This lath goes over the top to protect all the string wraps from chaffing and getting cut on rocks.

Will be two more days completing what in demonstrated today on all fifty traps.

Four more steps to go. Soaking in the river for two weeks. Then cement ballast will be added to the bottom, and then rubber elastics will be wrappped on the bait skiver (spike) to hold bait on. Finally, a biodegradable string in the back. I will explain this later.

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