Fishing Involves Biodegradable String & Snow?

We had two major snow storms since my last writing. One with over 42 cm of snow Ice and major power outages over the region….. yes, in April…
As I began typing this post this morning. I had to stop and to see to the clearing of five feet of snow (On the level) around the boat. My snow removal guy arrived and it took him and hour to clean up the area, clearing a path for us to haul the vessel out when we are ready.

We managed to clear the snow at the wharf also. However, that involved salting and then hand chopping and braking ice ten inche thick under the snow.


Monday (two weeks later than ususal) we began to get the lobster traps out of storage and began doing what you see in the picture.

The traps were all repared and then  stored after last years lobster season. However, before we put the traps in the water we must change this biodegratable white string each year.

It’s a cotton string that breaks down very quickly.  If a trap breaks off the line (rare) or is lost in a storm, it will prevent the trap from “Ghost Fishing”.

This biodegradable string will let go and open the side of the trap up forming a gaping opening.  Anything that happenes to swim into the trap can easily exit as well. A simple conservaton effort that we wholeheartedly embrace. It does add to our work load, and the string will break sometimes losing our lobster catch, causing some fisherman to bitch.

However, we feel it is a small effort for the amount of good it does in the long term- protecting our resource, and minimizing our envirionmental imprint with lost gear.

We rarely loose traps personally. In the past thirteen years since my return from living full time in Ivory Coast, West Africa, I remember one year losing two traps. The majority of years we do not lose any, which is better still.

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