Lobster Trap Stacky-Wacky


People have been asking how we can launch the the boat with this ice…. We can’t…
However, we can get our traps down to the harbour and ready for setting day.

This is the view from the back of our storage shed at Tignish Harbour (Judes Point). These traps actually belong to fellow fiherman just over from our spot.
However,  we did get our lobster traps hauled from home, the most critical part, and then the other half came out of storage at the harbour.


My oldest son Benjamin is home from Toronto to fish with me this year. Green hair and all 🙂 He is helping me take the traps out of storage… and tagging them with these green tages. Note the cement in the bottom. Wooden traps are not very light….


After tagging and changing the biodegradable string (See the last post)  We stack them in rows and hook the traps to the lines.


Monday we hauled the 150 traps from home and tied them on. Tuesday we hauled out the other 150 at the harbour and did them as well.  And we finished just before the torential rains began.
Here is the finished task.


Guess how many feet of rope we have to pull and coil by hand to attached 300 traps to 43 lobster lines? 42 lines with seven traps, one line with six lobster traps, for a total of 300. 
Check back tomorrow and I will tell you what that is in miles too.

Love To Hear From You

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