It All Changed…. What The Sea Of Life Dishes Out

We set lobster gear tomorrow and it will be my first season without my dad on board, but my first with my son.

This is also a transition time for my first born son, Benjamin. Having moved home, for a time at least, after years of study and work the major city of Toronto, Canada. He is going to be fishing as my First Mate this year.

Here we are on our first sail of the year after launching the boat.

First test sail of the year. Things are running smoothly.

We were making certain that everything was running well before the season begins. Better to have it fixed now than later when down time from fishing activity is very costly to me.

As we sailed along,  just a few seconds before the photo above was taken actually, my son said over my shoulder,

“It feels good to be back. I sure missed fishing.”

What you can not see were the tears in the corners of my eyes after he said it. I’ve missed him, a lot. I am very happy he is here.

My Dad may not be on deck this year and that kindles many mixed feelings.


However, now it will be my son and me writing our own story, just like my father and I did.

The transitions have heen many and drastic the last ten years.

From Canada, to Africa.
From cold, to extreme heat.
From a comfortable life, to the poorest and least developed place on earth.
From Sea, to South of the Sahara Desert.
From Ordained Minister of established churches to serving free of charge in a new church plant.
From church leadership, to dropping my “clergy” position and just being me, as I serve.
From Institutional church building centered faith practices, to living worshiping and serving outside the church walls.
From being “relatively” (ahem) respected in the church, to annoying the hell out of most of them now because I stopped jumping  the predetermined hoops expected of me, gave up the church game, question, and openly wrestle with the fruitless busyness of much of our current faith practices.
From a Jesus follower, to being a Jesus follower (that has not changed).

From First Mate, to Captain of the fishing fleet.
From…………   to………

I’m enjoying a greater freedom and sense of happiness than ever before. I can’t go back.  I would not wish to re-live my 30’s again. I am thankful to have arrived where I am now. I’m glad to be back. 

After all these transitions, I wonder what could possibly be left out there over our horizion?


Who knows!
No matter!
Ben and I are putting to sea, full steam ahead, and we will find out together.

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  1. Wayne & Karen Hooper says:

    That picture should grace the cover of your writings . The expressions on the faces say it all .You are a spirit -filled man of God & that has not changed !! May God continue to bless you & your family !!(loved the thoughts -love your family ) Wayne & Karen .


    1. Thank you for your very kind words…. we hope to see you both some day.


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