Ruthless Affordability…. A Powerful Concept…

LOVE the term….. “Ruthless Affordability”. Revolution in design for the bottom 2 billion…… The poor will buy AFFORDABLE technology when it fits their need and is proven to help them make more money.

It’s not a business man, nor an engineer.  However, this term lines up with our rock solid and inflexable philospohy of: Simple, Economical, Easily Repeated by Ordinary People.”

I think business is the solution to poverty and development,  not long-term charity.

“Ruthless affordability. Design and implement ruthlessly affordable technologies and supremely efficient business processes, offering prices not just 30 to 50 percent less than First World prices but often an order of magnitude less, or 90 percent.” (The Business Solution To Poverty : Paul Polak & Mal Warwick)

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