“Scooter Trash”…. Better Than “Scrappy Piglets”

Brave little American.  Were you thinking with your melon at all?
Did it just slip out of your mouth?

A buddy I worked along side of in Ivory Coast is vacationing here on Prince Edward Island and the last few years we have been taking a few days together on the Motorcycles. Well, scooters, he has the Suzuki Burgman 650, and I the Yamaha Majesty. (The bikes will do 100-105 miles per hour and weigh in between 468 to nearly 540 pounds)

The first year we ventured out together a few friends taunted us for being “The Wild Hogs”, after the movie about four old guys going on a motorcycle vacation and getting into some unexpected trouble.  We laughed saying, “Driving big scooters, the closest we can come to Wild Hogs is possibly being ‘Scrappy Piglets‘”

The name stuck, and now we do a Scrappy Piglet run each summer.

We were leaving Prince Edward Island via a huge car Ferry. They loaded a string of us bikers first, and the “Harley Guy” who pulled up behind my friend got off his motorcycle and said,

“Oh, scooter trash.”

My friend is 6.3 and built like a tank, and I’m not much smaller. The little American must have realized a person my friends size, riding a Scooter, has a sense of humor and is not too concerned about image.

Turns out that the Harley Guy was part of a firefighters motorcycle club from Vermont, with over 500 of them here to ride PEI.

We had a good laugh. I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of humor, the world over.

However, I don’t think I would ever attempt saying “Scooter Trash” to a 6.3 foot total stranger weighing 285 lbs, in another country. You “mmericans” are something else. 🙂

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