Residents of Timbuktu Walked Out Of Mosque When Occupying Fundamentalists Spoke

I’ve been waiting for such stories to surface in Mali. Here we have it, some proof, a human story from Timbuktu exposing the fact that Malian people in the North did exhibit peaceful resistance to the fundamentalist soldiers that occupied their town in Mali. Journalists, please keep these stories coming. Give these people a voice.

“In a few months, 14 of the 16 mausoleums classified by UNESCO were destroyed. “There was, however, a form of resistance,” Essayouti clarifies. “Every time these people entered a mosque to preach, the local residents stepped out. So, in retaliation, they destroyed construction.” Essayouti himself tried to film and photograph the sculptures at risk at Djinguereber Mosque, the largest in the city. He was briefly arrested for this.”

(Rebuilding Timbuktu’s Destroyed Heritage)

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