The Power Of African Development Work is SIMPLICITY

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Is it really that simple?

Simplicity is what enables a project to be more economical (reaching many more people than high cost options) and repeatable (Taken to others by ordinary people, not experts).

This exceptional animation perfectly illustrates what Man Of Peace Development has been doing in rural villages for almost a decade.  When it comes to the powerful simplicity of MOPD projects, people often comment, “Is that it?”

Let us share a common story.

One day, a local Malian farmer, with three other gardening friends in tow, showed up at our demonstration test site in Sikasso, Mali, West Africa.

They intently looked over the two gardens we had operating on little water, and with a minimal labor/time investment. They were very impressed with the vegetable growth rates since it had been five months since we had rain. Pure, peak drought conditions.

Finally, one of the men asked if MOPD could train them to do use this gravity feed drip system, and said  they would gather as many farmer friends as possible for the training, if we would do it.

“Do you have an hour right now?”,  I asked them.

“Yes”, came the reply from all four men.

We proceeded to demonstrate setup, daily routines, upkeep, making free compost tea fertilizer, and explained ground cover concepts.

At the end of our interactive hands on demonstration and training, right there in the drip irrigated gardens,

I said…  “There you have it. You have everything you need to succeed, if you practice it.”

The poor farmers looked at one another, with their mouths gaping, kind of stunned looking, saying nothing at all.

“Is that it?  Is that all there is to it?  It is so simple!”, one of them commented.

“Yes it is it this simple, and your response confirms that we are doing it correctly”, we replied.

Yes, it is that simple.

“Is that all there is to it? This rhetorical question took Man Of Peace’s original founders fifteen years to find. Most of what is out there is too complicated, too expensive to help very many, too often can not be repeated by locals without us…. Why bother?

Man of Peace Development seeks a “Is that it?”,  response (solution) in everything.

In a future post we hope to show you people around Africa using drip irrigation. So check back.


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