Betrayed By Destinations

“But the beauty is in the walking — we are betrayed by destinations.” (Gwyn Thomas)

How do we avoid the fixation we have about arriving? You know, that end goal destination that siphons off the joy of experiencing where we are right here, right now, long before we get there.

How much of life’s beauty has been passed by while doggedly trying to get somewhere else?

Is “here” not part of the destination?

I know that I have wasted much of my life trying to get somewhere, to get to that elusive “there”. Too busy trying to manually orchestrate some achievement, result, or end goal that, honestly, frankly, is mostly out of my control – regardless of what leadership gurus might tell me.

We are affected by other peoples choices, and sometimes their choices help move us forward, other times they rip the foundation right out from under everything we have tried to build.

Welcome to the walk.

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.”  (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Have been incredibly focused on GEAR the last few weeks. Gear that could cause me to be betrayed by the destination.

Drip Irrigation gear.


Irrigation, if it passes my quality and simplicity test, that is destined for Mali, West Africa, for my food security work with Man Of Peace Development. This June I begin testing some new items right here in Canada: The site is still under four feet of snow. But the snow always melts right? So why complain.

Did you know that development work is far less about “Amazing” technology, or coming up with new “Amazing” ideas. Habit change is the real battle, second to that is AFORDABLE ideas.

People send me links to ideas, interesting, creative ones too, but the cost point is so high, and the benifical output is so small, it is not scalable to very many people.  I just say thank you. Why use a $500 idea that provides 5% of a familes food. When you can spend $25 and provide 30%?

My job demands that I examine and test gear… most fail the simple, economical, easily repeated test. But I bless others who are doing that stuff. Any bite of food for a family in need is a needed thing. My personal choice is I will not be content to feed five, when I can feed fifty for the same input.
But, again, I remind myself that how I walk with the Malian folks each day, is probably more important than the end goal destination I have written down on some project plan. My mantra is, “Leave behind relationships and friends, not just projects and programs.”

Fishing Gear:

Finally released my fishing vessel from the tomb of snow that almost buried it… Over ten feet of snow around the whole vessel. Thankfully, my snow removal guy has a huge 4+4 John Deere tractor and blower and with considerable work he was able to remove the mountain.

After the vessel resurrection, we moved on to the storage barn with it’s own impressive eight feet of snow on the level.

I like fishing lobsters because the joy is found each day on the water, immersed in natures full glory, and fury, not the end of the season destination where I claim I caught X number of pounds. One approaches fishing as a life style, the other as a business. Fishing is both, but later fixation robs you of the joy in the daily process.

Hiking Gear:

“Now shall I walk or shall I ride?
‘Ride,’ Pleasure said;
‘Walk,’ Joy replied.”
(W.H. Davies)

It has been a long time bucket list item for me to hike the Confederation Trail, 300km tip to tip, of Prince Edward Island.

We were going to hike it as a family years ago with our three boys. However, two days before departure my wife got called for a new job. We have all the gear, and it has been in storage ever since.
So I hauled out my backpack, hammock tent, stove, etc, and dusted them off, and began a process of selecting the gear I need for a ten day non-stop thru-hike. Have no idea if I will make it or not, but I’m going to kill myself trying.

However, I am trying to remind my fat self that the journey is the destination. If I reach the other tip of PEI or not, the walk is the goal.

“But the beauty is in the walking — we are betrayed by destinations.” (Gwyn Thomas)

Love To Hear From You

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