Welcome To A Watery Wet World Just West Of Africa


At the dawn of a new lobster season. Six intense months of fishing various species, and testing new irrigation for Man Of Peace.


wpid-img_20150423_114509.jpgMy son moved home from Toronto to be my 2nd Mate. I do not think I could do it without him. He has been an essential part of this business since I began with my own boat last year.

It is a gift for father and son to work together. You become something deeper from the experience. I know many sons can not work with their father. So I count myself blessed.

Had a challenging  first year as Captain last season. But I am optimistic for the new year.
I love that I am in the fresh air every day, and see the sunrise each day. It is a gift.

Mali, Africa, seems like a distant dream right now, but I know where my magic Invisible Humanitarian cape is, and I will put it on from time to time to remind me people matter, even when out of sight, way over there in Africa… just east from my boat, by sea.

Africa, in the early hours of the morning at sea, I will be staring off in your direction for the sun passes first over you, then the Atlantic sea, and then me.
I miss you.wpid-img_20150424_110404.jpg

Love To Hear From You

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