An Inconvenient Sadness

My picture, taken at sea, at sunrise, off the coast of Prince Edward Island, Canada

These words struck a cord… not because I am a great man, rather, because I am familiar with the great sadness. Is their a piece of it in you also?  Please, let us go there for a minute.

We are too swift to equate forms of sadness with depression.

Should we embrace some sadnesses, and from time to time, feel them deeply,  accepting them for what they are?

The inconvenient sadness is just below the surface, triggered at unexpected moments, mostly when I am  quietly sitting outside, seeing.

“I don’t understand your specific kind of crazy. But I do admire your total commitment to it.”

The inconvenient sadness does not seem to rob me of the ability to savor  life’s goodness in front of me, but it is a decades long companion that, at times, I wish would go away.  (Maybe it is an age thing?)


I have seen too much needless pain, hunger, suffering, hatred, sexual/physical/verbal abuse, human trafficking, injustice, heartbreak, and down right evil, to pretend all is well in the world if everyone would only ,”follow their heart”,  and strive to, “make our dreams come true.”  Some peoples heart following and dream claiming decimates the hearts and pops the dreams of others. Please tell you have seen it too, right?

My sadness comes with vivid mental snapshots of real people with names, faces, from diverse places on this globe….. I see the burdens they support and I feel sad they must sail through this crap. Especially the needless carp heaped on by others. Struggles with hunger, health, marriage, children, abuse, drugs, injustice, discrimination, unemployment, relationships, poverty, displacement, drought, love, acceptance, and love,  ya, love………….

“Searching for someone to miss me.” (Paul Theroux)

Would it be a betrayal of something, if we let this inconvenient sadness go? Would we be embracing a global lie to deny the inconvenient sadness?

Is it only me, or does this inconvenient sadness have a piece of us all?  Maybe I need medical drugs? Please, share with me your “inconvenient” story….

To be free of this sadness I would need to forget human stories, cut up the visual imprints of real lives, swipe aside pieces of my humanity, and deny the holes in my very own soul.

I choose to not forget those, who at his very moment, are walking a difficult road.

So, I guess this means the inconvenient sadness is here to stay, right?

I will accept it from time to time, because of the souls of those whom I love.

“Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on earth.” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment

Love To Hear From You

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