Wisdom From Skinners Pond – Slow Down – Take A Long Look At That Woman

The stairs down to the beach at Skinner’s Pond, PEI, Canada.

We ran into a man named “Joe”,  at Skinners Pond. I love listening to people’s stories. Here is a story that Joe shared unsolicited, spontaneously, last week. Take it for what it is.

A friend and I were taking a early morning Sunday drive. I had to check on my boat in the wee hours of the morning anyway, so invited Tom along,  and we soon decided to visit several beaches and harbors on PEI’s South Shore.

First Miminegash, and then we worked our way up to  Skinner’s Pond, next to the harbor.

We walked a short boardwalk and down these stairs to the beach. Skinner’s Pond has one of the best, unknown to tourists, beaches on the south shore of Prince Edward Island.

We strolled, explored, beachcombed, and took pictures. As we climbed the stairs to leave, there we met Joe.

Joe is a local resident who lives nearby. He is a fisherman, like me.  He voluntarily keeps sand shoveled off the board walk. He also tries to keep the ATV four wheelers off the dunes he said, as he pointed to some tracks over the dune. He said he’s received a few punches in the jaw over the years, and he also has given a few back too, he admitted.

The painless path, the easy path would be to do nothing about young punks, right? Not Joe; he takes a stand for nature’s beauty out his front door. He tries to be kind about it.

“I own an ATV four wheeler myself, and I don’t mind them diving on the beach, but use the access points to get on the beach rather than drive all over the dunes.  Also, while on the beach, if there are people around, slow down.”, Joe commented.

The Boardwalk Joe was clearing of sand, at Skinners Pond, PEI, Canada

Joe then shared the story about the day a lady friend walked over to his house on the beach to ask for help. She and her bikini wearing daughter were trying to enjoy the beach, but these two young men were ripping and tearing up and down the beach at considerable speed, constantly, and annoyingly passing close by the two females.

Joe knew the young men, so he went down and had a chat with them. The conversation was general for a bit, and then he asked them, “Why are you driving up and down the beach so fast with these ladies here trying to enjoy themselves?”

“We were just trying to get a look at the pretty girl- we are hoping to meet her”, they replied, concerning the bikini wearing highschooler their age.

Joe suggested,  “Well, if you want to get a look, why are you diving by at 60 km per hour? Slow down, drive 5 km an hour, get a good long look. But doing this is wasting your time, and it is annoying the hell out of the ladies. She will not invite you to chat. Slow down!”

And they did.

Later in the day, the mother-daughter duo came over to thank Joe, because there was a hugely pleasant change in the riding style of the young men.

They asked Joe what he said, that led to such a radical change. Joe told them the story.

The females agreed that it was unconventional, but it worked.

Slow down, and talk to women…. I guess is Joe’s advice. What is it you want Ladies?

Live from Skinner’s Pond…

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