Blister Prevention – Find Someone Else To Do The Work For You


Human life depends on Water 2 Water… PERIOD!

The Water 2 Water awareness hike is a go (SEE SIDE TAB). I am promoting water conservation practices that are simple, useful, wise, effective, and easily adopted in both Canada and Mali, West Africa. Deep breath.

In a few short weeks I will be backpack hiking almost 300 kilometers on the Confederation Trail, from one tip of Prince Edward Island to the other From Water 2 Water). I have wanted to do this hike for over a decade now, so I am excited.

However, I admit, I am afraid. What if I simply can’t make it? 30km a day for ten days is no easy “feet” (Pun intended)

Afraid is a strong word. Really, I am confident enough to realize that doing all that I can is enough, and I can do it. It’s the dates, constraints, expectations and deadlines we put on ourselves that make things undo-able. Most of us are not very good at letting things unfold in their time and rhythm. No, we have to set speed and mileage records, and fix the exact date/day we arrive, thus stressing, even robbing the joy, of each and every day before that chosen arrival time. The arrival “date”decimates our immersion into the journey’s ebb and flow. I am not going to permit that to happen. I will make it, but it will have to be at my own speed, and time.

The journey is the destination before the end of this pilgrimage. Make no mistake about it, this is indeed a pilgrimage of sorts too. I think of the movie, “The Way”, Joost…. and the other characters, each waking away from, or is it into, their struggles? Joost reminded me of fat, old, awkward, introspective, me.

I once thought I could do anything in life. Then I began to live and work in Africa. I could not live long term the way the village people do. Struggling, happy, vibrant African people have turned my world, and the view I have of myself, upside down.

I certainly do hope my feet can do the whole hike, backpack and all. I am writing this article from my deck swing as I nurse my sore swollen heels on my one partial day off each week. Been at sea fishing lobster these days, and I now have very painful swelling lumps on each heel.

My hammock tent, stove, and hiking necessities have all been picked and prodded. They will be packed soon enough. A journey into the very necessity of water for the soul of humanity, and my own life too, is about to begin.

Wayne J, once said, “If you are disillusioned. Maybe you had illusions that needed dis-ing.”

The need for water is no illusion. One disillusionment is the fact that we Prince Edward Islanders often see little need to conserve water, while people all over the world struggle in a life that has very little of it. Now, in recent years, Charlottetown is facing water shortages, and water economizing measures. Hello, drip irrigate your gardens, like we do in Africa, even your trees, and flower beads, instead of using a hose.

I asked for,  “The best way to prevent blisters?”,  on the Water 2 Water FaceBook page the other day.

Best comment so far?

“Find someone else to do the work for you.”

I am afraid we can not pass the buck on this one any longer.

Water 2 Water a garden in Africa….

Love To Hear From You

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