Why I Am Hiking 300 Kilometers – Water 2 Water Africa Awareness

I wrote this article for Man Of Peace Development’s Water 2 Water awareness project. Copying it to my own Website as well. http://www.ManOfPeaceDevelopment.org

I walk so grandmothers in Mali, West Africa, don’t have to walk so far.

Why would a 250 lb humanitarian, and Prince Edward Island (PEI) fishing Captain put on a backpack and hike 300 kilometers down the Confederation Trail, from one tip of PEI to the other?  He’s certain to be the focus of a secret guffaw or two as folks see him hauling his sorry carcass down the trail.

Well, she is the answer, and  dozens of other women like her needing vegetables during nine months of severe drought, just south of the Sahara Desert.

Do Some Desert Survival Math 

100 sq/m ….      Man Of Peace Development is growing gardens a minimum size of 100 square meters PLUS.

30 L   …… It is so hot and dry that traditional gardeners need to hall and hand water 30 L/per 1 sq M (30 liters per sq meter or – 7 Gallons) to keep gardens alive.

30 KG/ 66 lbs …. How heavy is 30 liters of Water? 1 Liter = 2.2 pounds or 1 KG to that is 66 lbs, or 30 KGs.

300 kg/ 660 lbs …. A Man of Peace Development 100 sq meter garden, multiplied by the required 30 Liters = 300 L, 300 kilos of water, per day, per garden. For our American friends…… 660 lbs of water, or 79 US gallons

How is this grandmother going to consistently haul 300 Kgs/660 lbs of water, every day, if the water source is any distance.

What if she lacks sufficient water volume, and therefore simply can’t afford to use her potable water needed for living?


SO, instead 300 Liters,  with drip irrigation,, these grandmothers need only 60 L per day. Saves these women time, backbreaking work, and weeds, while preserving their precious water.

If our blisters, aches, pains, chafes, mosquito bites, and sleepless nights in a Hammock tent, on this 300 km trail make life better, more healthy, and easier for even one more elderly grandmother, with her grandchildren, I’m doing it.

I walk so that grandmothers in Mali, West Africa, don’t have to walk so far, for so long, with heavy loads.

She,and others like her, my friends, is precisely why I walk.

Will you donate a drip irrigated garden for one of them?

(Follow this story on the Water 2 Water Page.)

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