I Relinquish Control


People are a absolutely hilarious.

The best overheard conversation so far belongs to five guys at a table next to ours in Toronto airport.

Apparently they are on their way to some adventure in South America. Sorry for the language, it is the conversation.

“You have us booked for a place for the first two nights right?” Guy 1

“No, the first three nights.” Guy 2

“Oh, so you booked us there for three nights?” Guy 1

“No, two nights there, then the third night is in another place. Look, you guys asked me to type up the fucking itinerary for the whole trip, and I sent it to you. Did any of you even read the fucking thing?” Guy 2

“I read it, but it didn’t make any fucking sense.” Guy 1

“I now relinquish control of the situation.” Guy 2

Great advice for life. Relinquish control. I like it.

Love To Hear From You

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