I Stood In Silence And Reflection In Paris France Today


I am in Paris, France today, at Charles De Gaulle airport with a six hour layover into West Africa.

This is only two days after the terrorist attacks and the day (November 16th) France declared a “National  Day Of Mourning”. At twelve noon there was one minute of silence and reflection.

I am not aware of French customs concerning such things, but i could not sit, i had to stand, so I did.

At twelve noon, I stood up, I could see a few others doing the same all over the airport, as far as i could see. However, most people remained seated, but I could see the tears being wiped away from the eyes of many ladies.

Glad I was here to reflect, to stand, and to be silent with you, while passing through. What good did it do? Nothing, i get that. All i can do is show my respect.

So sorry for the reason we had to do this.

Longue Vie à La France!

Love To Hear From You

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