Pimping Pop Cans In Sikasso


The people around my house in the main Market of Sikasso are so funny. They cracked me up today.

Every January first we buy three cases of pop and give it to the folks in the shops below me in my building and those out the side ally of the market where we enter and exit out to the street. These folks are the people we first see, meet, and greet, every day.

We were not in town for New Year’s 2015, and having just arrived, we figured any time is a good time to thank my community with a little something.

I don’t stick around and hand the soda pop out myself. I drop the drinks discreetly with one guy inside, and one guy outside the building and they hand it around when I’m gone.

However, outside the building, as I was walking away back to my office, the guy in the ally roared to his friends and held up the cases of soda pop.

Catch this, a roar rose up as they all cheered, shouting “yay”, “Coulibaly” (my name here), and catch this…. they applauded while doing so.

Yep, i just laughed at them and waved them off as I kept going without looking back. Funniest reaction I have ever seen here so far. What was up with the applause? I’ve never seen Malians do applause before. Those guys were so funny today.

The way my wife and i look at it is this; Be generous and kind with your neighbours when you can, just because.

However, creating a little good cheer and goodwill among neighbours can’t be a bad thing in return. I know, getting something in return should not be the motivation, and it is not my motivation.

However, if the “result” wass that they keep an eye out for us a little… even if they only like our pop, but not us so much, it can’t hurt. 🙂

These Malians sit there every day as shop keepers. They know when strangers are around our doors, my office, their stores and our motorcycles. They know when strangeness is about.
I hope they have our backs. Even though I should certainly avoid trying to pimp out a few guardians for soda pop to Man Of Peace Development. But, could I pimp out pop cans…. send them out and see what they bring me back…. That would not be my motivation… goodwill towards neighbours is good enough for me.

Love To Hear From You

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