Entrepreneurial Potholes

img_000000_000000.jpgWe were out to a village visiting friends for the night, and we were venturing back to Sikasso on the bus. The road south toward the Ivorian border is in bad shape with some amazing potholes, i mean deep ones.

Sitting in the front of the bus we could see out the front window very well. There was a group of about six boys, I’d say about the ages 10-14, filling massive potholes with dirt.

The bus driver began reaching into his pocket and slowed down… dropping a coin on the road for them as he drove by.

I’ve seen guys do this unoffical road repair in Ivory Coast twenty years ago. Some guys were a little belligerent in Ivory Coast, especially on the bush roads, often blocked the road with barriers to apply much pressure on you to pay. It was borderline extortion sometimes, for very little work. I usually gave them a coin, but I have never seen a bus driver drop money on a highway for a self designated road crew before.

These kids were not blocking the road at all. Hoping for the good graces of people.

“Dogocew, Aw ni bara .”

Good work, little brothers.

On a side note: I have never seen so many butterflies. White ones where flowing across the roads in masses, all going west for some reason. Never seen the like before.


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