My TED-Talks Illustration


This is the symbol of what is wrong in countries like Mali.  Corruption.

This is a fake registration card (Carte Gris) for my Motorcycle. Hey, it worked. I drove with this fake for three years, totally unaware. After three years my licence plates still did not arrive, it turns out, because my fake “Gray Card” has the same plate numbers for a Mercedes car in another town. The plates numbers have already been issued.  My card is a fake, which means the taxes were never really paid on my motorcycle, someone in the transport office in Bamako took a cash bribe to print the fake, and the transistor pocked the tax money.

You can read about it here.

I have two choices. Auction it off for cash to the highest bidder or save it as the centerpiece illustration for my first scheduled Ted Talk.

This card is a reminder of how deeply rooted corruption is, right into the very Government offices of Mali.

I keep it as a reminder of just one more thing we are up against here.


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