Sacrificing To Get My Wives


Expats tell the greatest stories.
Expats tell the greatest stories because words, thoughts, and meanings sometimes translate hilariously across cultures and religions.

At three in the morning I read a few friends postings on social media, and the following had me laughing.

This from a Canadian friend teaching English in Mali.

“In our very last class on “LOVE”, the students wrote their very own wedding vows, after critiquing some very basic English vows.

Some went like this:
I want you to marry me.
I want you to obey me and respect my culture and religion.
I will always be there for you.
I will protect you.
I want you to know that I will marry other women.
That was what the men’s vows sounded like.

The one woman’s vows were much more romantic… with phrases like ‘You complete me’ and ‘I will love you for always.'” (S.A.)

This from an expat raising a family in a region where animism and Christianity mix… both talk of sacrifices, and it might be a little confusing to a small boy trying to figure out the subtleties of meaning, and life.

“Evidence that Joe was raised in Africa: Joe and I read a chapter of his school book about a brother and sister who had given everything to save enough to buy a horse.

Then we went to look for some lumber. As we walked through the bus station I reflected,  “There’s something great about people making sacrifices to get something.”

A short pause and Joe says, “Like animal sacrifices?”
“Um, no… not like animal sacrifices.””

Expats have great stories. I rest my case. Have a story to share? Drop a note.

Love To Hear From You

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