Kissing Africa


This precious story of a personal, overwhelming encounter with “Africa” was shared by my Canadian friend Catherine Robar, from Halifax. I filed her account of the event years ago, and stumbled on it today, it is worth a share.

Catherine married a South African, and is living and working in poor communities to develop food security.

She holds the claim to have kissed Africa, and she never recovered from the romance.

Some of us understand it.

“In 2006 I made my first journey to the African continent, I landed at this airport in Nairobi. When I climbed out of the airplane and my feet touched the pavement I was so overcome with joy that I bent down and kissed the ground. Romantic at the time, a little gross when I think about it in retrospect…………”
(Catherine Robar)

Those Halifax  girls live their own kind of crazy…😆

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