Love The Color Red, Malian Emergency Red.

20151221_080045-02.jpegAnother curve ball:  Woke up to a ten day state of emergency here in Mali that will extend to the new year.  I scanned several news sources, including twitter, before going to bed last night and nothing came up. Reuters has an article after midnight. Very few other sources acknowledge it. Twitter is dead about it, but I assume everyone will catch up later today. So much for monitoring news sources for timely information, right, eh?  (with a Canadian accent, eh!)

This state of emergency is all very nebulous. When one wakes up to a state of emergency you ask,

“What Changed? What Happened?”

Thankfully, it seems nothing changed overnight. This had to be some preemptive plan that the Malian government had prepared for a while, and they simply rolled it out last night. We are aware that the embassies and Malian government have heard there were meetings where plans were made for attempts of some sort.  I get so tired of hearing about what is wrong here.

It is Christmas for you all back home, and the sentimentality of it all is probably running very high for some of you. I can’t generate sentimentality around Christmas here.  My Christmas is another red Christmas. Christmas Red…… a cheery color that goes well on hats and Christmas decorations, and is, incidentally, the same color as the dust here too.

However, red is not the color your water should be. We visited a village where they drink red drinking water. This is where we need to be.

Man Of Peace did a water purification filter drive over the past year. People mailed us, from Amazon, thirty eight simple, but effective microbiological water filters.

My wife and I have been working all week preparing the training program, packaging the kits, drilling holes in the water containers for attachments, and developing the follow up procedures for the program.

This Christmas season over four hundred people in this village will have clean cooking and drinking water because these simple microbiological filters combined are providing 152 million liters of pathogen free water over the next decade. No more Red Water…

I was just now singing a Christmas song about dancing the Christmas polka.

Lynn looks at me all funny looking while asking, “Do you have Pentatonix on there?” (indicating my phone sitting beside me)
To which I reply, “I don’t like implications of what you are saying.”
She just laughed at me….. and did not stop for a way too uncomfortably long time.

So, frigging merry red, state of emergency red, dust red, no more red water, can’t sing for beans, Christmas.

Update: Here is what powers the state have as a result of this state of emergency:
“Mali’s government released a communique Monday saying the state of emergency started Dec. 21. It prohibits large groups from gathering in public spaces and permits police to search people’s homes.”

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