Skateboard or Motorcycle Without Brakes?


Upon hearing of our security situation in Mali (For perspective: Mali is rated a 4 right now – Afghanistan a 5), we received this email from a feisty, pushing close to 90 years old lady, Vida Cass, who lived most of her life all over Asia and Africa.


Washington’s gnarliest skateboard jump? The Canadian Embassy:  Only 1 skater has successfully jumped building’s 21 steps. Brandon Bonner ollies the Canadian Embassy steps in Washington, D.C

This was the sum total of her email today. But it said enough, right? A lighter view of life is required sometimes.

Hope we never need to “Ollie” out of Mali.  But maybe we could use some skateboards, since the Motorcycle I was looking at yesterday failed the test.

Who needs brakes, right? Is it only in Mali that a motorcycle shop owner and his knowing apprentice will let you jump on a motorcycle for a test drive, the motorcycle the apprentice just returned off the street with before your very eyes, knowing full well the bike had no brakes, but they let you pull out for a test drive without bothering to mention the brakes are not working? I found out the stupid thing had no brakes when I returned as I tried to stop at his shop.

So, skateboard or Motorcycle? You tell me….

“Ollie” it might be …

Love To Hear From You

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