Let’s Burn Bread Together

The Typical Malian Tea Time Scene

You have been in Africa too long when you stop burning the outside of your baguette over a flame to sterilize it, like twenty years ago.

However, today you are reminded how Africa savvy you are, because the baguettes you bought this morning have a little sand and gravel on the bottom, and without blinking an eye you scrape it off with a knife, and burn the outside of that baby baguette over a propane flame, and eat it, before heading  out to the village.

Yep that be our life.

We were to head out at seven AM this morning for a very long ride into the bush to Campement Moussa, for a water filtration and purification work there.

However, I am sitting here waiting,  because my bush guide is like the wind. He comes from any direction, anytime. You never really know when he is going to show up, or from which direction he might emerge.

I am waiting….. But he knows that region like the back of his hand. I will not go that distance alone, as it is not a road out there, just paths in all directions,.

For him I am thankful, for w get to burn bread together in some very neglected and hidden places.

Got to run, and replace the pats that got hammered off my motorcycle from that hard hammer we call the Sahel. A few bolts, a signal light, and a few springs snapped.

(Update- he arrived about 8:30)

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