Motorcycles Hauling Fat Ass Across Mali

I was complaining to my dad about how I drive the crap out of my 125 cc Chinese motorcycle in Mali, in order to make it haul my fat ass up some of the hills and valleys going into the villages where I carry on community development and food security work for Man Of Peace Development.  I was commenting to dad about how it would be nice to have a bigger bike with a little more power to haul my fat ass up those hills.  But, as only a Father can cut to chase…

“You don’t need a bigger bike son, you need a smaller ass, and you can do something about the fat ass.”

They are always afraid I will be in an accident on the motorcycle.  I really would not want to take a motorcycle fall in the bush.

However, now it is time to update the wheels.  There are few options in our town, and 150cc is about the limit of your choice, all Chinese brands.  But I did some looking for our agency and even the Yamaha store in Bamako would have to custom order the 200 or 250 cc and it would take 6 months to get one here from Japan…and  hmmmm parts?  They only stock the Yamaha 125 cc,  at almost four times the price of the Chinese bikes. No thanks.

So for about $1450 CDN we landed a new Sanya 150cc 36A, and it has significantly more power, enough that I am happy with the choice. Not dragging so badly now. I have to put my knobby tires on this week. But taking it slow for the 1000 km break-in period; I’ll take the old bike to the bush until the break in is accomplished on the new motorcycle.

My excuse to my wife, for the evening cruises I have been taking, is that I need to set the rings on the new motor….

The Sanya 125 will be going to a guy who has been my wisdom, bush guide, and partner in many crazy adventures over the last five years. He is not my employee, just a friend whom I reimburse expenses to for those days requiring extra help or needed guidance down village cow paths that still make no sense to me. We work deep in the bush NE of Sikasso. He will continue to help me in the region from time  to time.  So the bike will be his, to replace that worn out piece of junk he owns, that does not even run right now.

Just last night, I took the new 150 cc on a short slow village run (without the knobby tires put on I don’t like to go far with it)  and did some water purification training in a village just 6km outside of Sikasso.  She is doing her job already.

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