You Shouldn’t Have To Drink Dirt

A father demonstrates the before and after water quality. His children had no choice but to drink what was on the left, until now.

We have been rolling out training about waterborne diseases from poor water sources, and contaminated open wells. It is a project to help about 500 people with water contamination issues. With the training, we then set up simple economical water filter systems for the most needy families. They are usually so far off the beaten path that government, and Humanitarian NGO well drilling projects never find them.  And I certainly don’t have the money to drill wells here, it is not my mandate.

However, what do you do when you run across a serious family health catastrophe in the bush that requires an immediate solution, TODAY?  Meaning, they need to STOP drinking that contaminated water right this very instant. Placing such people on a five year waiting list to have a deep well drilled is not the first response. Often these isolated clans are too small, they would be rejected as candidates for drilled wells anyway.

When I am out and about in the bush and come across a family whose health is seriously being compromised by drinking contaminated water, I haul out  a simple solution on the spot. This little black filter is the size of a coffee cup and  will purify almost four millions liters of drinking water (the average adult drinks 900 L per year) so it will last several families for a decade, if not two.  The small filter fits in your pocket, but removes 99.9% of bacteria and protozoa. I keep one in my bag all the time, for just such a time as the serious need arises.

I have been using the Sawyer Water filter myself for over five years in the bush, and in Sikasso.

Simple, easy, effective. Fill the container and let gravity do its work.



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