Wisdom From An Old Man in Timbuktu


“Whatever happens, we’ll always manage to sort it out under the palaver tree or in the hallway.”

 (Old mans Words in Timbuktu Mali, after the 2012 coup d’États )

Is it true?

Can we really reason and talk our way out of trouble when some people, it seems, are hell bent on doing evil, killing, and harming?

I’d love to be a die hard pasifist, and the truth is I have drifted more and more to the none violence perspective, both theologically, and practically. But it seems easier to stand up and act, defend, and destroy “the enemy” who seeks to murder and kill.

“We have to abandon the myth that if we could just kill enough people we could make the world a better place.” ~ Keith Giles

Very poignant considering the deaths at the hands of AQIMs attacks here in West Africa the last few weeks. West African authorities are right now on the hunt for those who believe just that….. murdering non Muslim  NGO’s, humanitarians, and Christian missionaries is a good thing,  and the authorities will kill most of them while trying to bring justice for what they have done.

AQIM thinks the the world is a better place without people like you and me in it… so they murder folks like us.  I think the world would be a better place without them acting out hate in such murders ways in it. But i do not wish their death.

We don’t have the same view of the world obviously. They do not desire to stop killing, so we MAKE them stop, by whatever means necessary.

The inability to talk is tearing west Africa apart right now. But can you reason with a person who fundamentaly believes your inialation does others a favor, that you have nothing good, in fact only evil,  to offer in a conversation?

I used to have an answer to everything.

Only questions, no deep philosophy flowing from my pen.

Love To Hear From You

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