Abandon Ship

Had a great opportunity to stand on the side of a main road in Mali today. Our bus broke down about 9:30 am, some stayed seated, others like myself  abandoned  ship for a while.

Me watching the road while the bus guys worked on the engine.

It took them only thirty minutes to change the busted radiator hose.
I stood looking up and down the barren stretch of road and staring off into the bush. At least I got to stretch my legs a while.

They eventually asked us to get back on the bus, and they started coasting the bus down the hill, but they did not start the engine. They let the coach coast as far as they could where there was guys with a dump truck from who  they bummed what little water they had to top up the rad, but it was not enough.

We they drove along slowly for another five kilometers until reaching a small village where they were able to secure a twenty litre jug of water to do the job properly, and we were back to flying.

Notice the crack in our bus windscreen across the top of this picture.
Notice the crack in our bus windscreen across the top of this picture.

Saw this transport apprentice hanging off the back of this transport, making room for more paying customers, or baggage.  And we think our job sucks? I think i would abandon ship when it comes to this job.

For all the issues enroute today, we only arrived an hour and a half late into Bamako. But not before the internal temperature on the bus reached 37  degrees Celsius. A nice slow roasting  temperature. We were more than content to abandon Ship by late afternoon.

Howevet, it was a nice opportunity to just sit, think, watch the scenery go by, and have that heat sear in a few more last minute memories into an already over full heart and mind.


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