Malian Beauty

There are some stunning people here in Mali.
On my last visit to the village this term I captured this Samogho Duungoma girl.



The old Samogho Duungoma chief amazes me too. He is stunningly unique in his looks. He is a Chief of a village, but he has nothing. The whole camp of his people in this remote area have nothing. He was resting when we arrived so we entered his two room mud hut and his sole possessions were a hand made bed with no mattress, a bed sheet, two pairs of flip-flops and a few boubou’s hanging on spikes driven in the mud brick wall. The hut is empty.
However,  he has another new wife about 16 or 18 years old. Must be to help look after the old guy.

This young girl for an aging chief is common here. She wanted me to take a picture with her and her husband. Imagine my surprise when she went over and sat beside the Chief. I was a bit taken back. But such is life here.



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