East Coast Marriage – Advice From The Fisherman’s Shanty


Want a sure thing? Would you like a Canadian East Coast Marriage Tip? I mean a very practical angle for sprucing up real human marriages, for sure? Tired of all these fictional illusions found in most witless marriage books?

From a conversation this morning at 5:30 AM.

“I love you babe, and I’ll look forward to seeing you tonight.”, Lynn stated as she heads off to work.

He reaches over and heartily draws his love into his arms, saying, “I  love you too baby. Maybe I will build you a lobster trap today”

Now enveloped in that full fisherman’s embrase, laughing slightly, she muffles a sarcastic, “OOOOH, how romantic!”

“Well, maybe I will build you something else (Short pause of reflection), but don’t question the maybe, baby!”,  as he pinches her butt.

East Coast Marriage tip #1

Lobster traps are cool and all, but generally should not be injected into romantic conversations, unless on a boat, possibly, or not.

But the hug, some kind words of appreciation, and maybe even that occasional pinch on that nice butt is ok?

Do realize we never really “HAVE” a woman

“I have a wife, whom I love…..

…… you do not have a woman whom you love; the woman is not yours. What is yours is the energy of love, which you aim at her. You can do that from anywhere. (Paulo Coelho: Warrior Of The Light – Vol 2)

Direct enough energy, and we might just keep that woman around. Maybe, but that is always, and only, her choice. Enjoy her choice while we can.

Keep bait on your skivers.

From the East Coast.

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