Wood Fires and Solitude


It is a nippy, windy minus 10 C outside this morning as I saunter out of my five acre wood. When I clear the treeline a strong Northerly wind bites into my skin even through my Dakota heavy canvas winter jacket.

I step into the workshop and immediately light a fire and then begin to cut and tie a handful of measured strings for guiding the lobster trap heads and funnels. Eventually I sit down on the block of wood you see in this photograph, enjoying the rising waves of heat that are now warming my back and the whole workshop for another peaceful, quiet day.

For a considerable moment I simply sat there gazing at a spot on the floor where a sun beam was projecting through a south facing window of the workshop.

I am enjoying the quiet solitude, the only sound is a low hum of the fan on crackling wood stove behind me.

Needless to say, I have been immensely enjoying the time spent in the fishing workshop this past week.

There is too much activity in life. We too rarely get to sit down and enjoy solitude any more.

More Quiet!

With a deep sense of contentment I eventually set about lacing more lobster traps. This is as complicated as I want my life to be, for a good few more days.

Love To Hear From You

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