Alive Inside


The morning started with a pink glowing sky in 360 degrees, well, later morning anway. It welcomed me to do a 9.2 km hike this morning. How could i resist? So I set out onto the diverse wood trails out back of my house.

Giving snow today, and then a major North Easter coming in for the weekend. This east wind will probably bring rain and sleet. The trails will transform in mud mush for several weeks now as the spring snow runoff turns the forest trails into rivers. So wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to get some hiking in.


The trail is still snow covered , but firm enough to walk on without falling through. There were a few places one would posthole through, but it was relatively awesome going.

I found some interesting tree moss or lichens I’ve  not seen for years. It was an unusually large mass on two maple trees. Have no idea what species of lichen it is. This patch was probably about two feet long with very large leafy extensions. Each leafy section would be almost the size of my hand. Message me if you know the name.


As I reached to the turn around point of my trail hike I found this old wasp nest It was perfectly intact. One of the most beautiful I’ve seen in many years.


It is a nature faux pas, but i took it home for my bookshelf. Taking the small branch it was fixed to.

I could only use one trekking pole now that I was carrying a prized wasp nest in one hand. Yep, carried it 4.6 km.

My back county navigator pro app told me I was hiking an average of 5 km per hour, with a max incline grade of 7.56% with an altitude gain of 61 metres. Makes sense, as I was  hiking east through a wilderness that came out on the coast. That accounts for the incline on the way home. From sea level, to 61 metres above sea level with occasional  7.56% max incline.

You know, I can probably hike sixty linear km of small bush paths and trails right out my back door, and in sixteen years of living in this house I have never, ever, not once passed another hiker in the woods.  I see four wheeler tracks, but I have yet to see one on the trail. Made me wonder why we seek out grooned trails to hike on? Why drive 20 -150 km to walk a trail anyone can find and get to. My wilderness back yard is a gift I need to take advantage of more often, and I certainly plan too. I can see some hammock camping this summer.

I ordered new trekking poles. Would you believe me if I told you that the three hundred kilometre hike my son and I did on the Confederation Trail last summer actually wore the titanium tips right off? Sure did. Not a problem in soft snow or on clay trail, but on ice and glassy snow the trekking poles slip around too much with the sharp point gone.

Got to have breakfast with my dad today as well… that was fun too.I carried back more than a wasp nest. I came home refreshed and alive inside, with plans, ideas, and dreams.

Got to have breakfast with my dad today as well… that was fun too.

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