Building Pyramids: More Marriage Advice From The Fishermen’s Shanty

Building things is great for your marriage.  Therefore, I am adding a new skill to my Canadian and African portfolio. I build pyramids.

Life is just so amazingly exciting these days. I’ve gidily built three pyramids today already. Things like this cause my wife to think I am amazing. She was so incredibly happy when I left to commence my fisherman’s lego session, because it kept me out of her hair for the morning on her day off. She actually took the opportunity to go back to sleep in the absence of my burly mug.

Just look at this beauty of a pyramid I built, while she skept.

Lobster Trap Pyramids

Snow covered my new traps a few days ago. The traps were placed out in a long line to tan the wood in the sun (makes them fish better).  But they can’t really tan when snow covered, now can they? There is also another huge weather front coming up the eastern seaboard and we are to receive anywhere from ten to twenty five centimeters of snow. But weather folks are uncertain whether we will receive snow, rain, freezing rain, or a combination of all three in the predicted heavy NE winds.

So, just incase, I stacked my fifty new lobster traps up into three pyramids for now, so they will not be potentially burried in snow, and I will spread them out in the sun again later.

I took pictures of my pyramids too, because, like, they were way cool, Eh!

Stacking and rearranging traps is a kind of fisherman lego, I think. It must be, for we seem capable of moving and rearranging these traps into different lines, arrangements, stacks and shapes, for hours on end. I was so gidy about the creativity flowing out of my salty bones that i just had to share the pictures I snapped with my wife.

But me wife was not so impressed with me coming in and waking her up to show her the pictures of my lobster trap LEGO pyramids.

Imagine!  The gaul, eh?

“I is just a fisherman, eh, boy!”  No, I is a Pyramid expert. Maybe  2500 years from now an archeologist will unearth my pyramid and admire it.

 However, with todays track record, he will probably also find me, a mumified fisherman, stuffed into one of those lobster trap pyramids also.

Fisherman’s Shanty Marriage Tip #2 –

Don’t wake the wife up to show her pictures of ANYTHING. No matter how cool you think the pictures are.
And please don’t ascribe to pyramid structures in how we relate to each other within our marriage either.

To excavate a pyramid is the dream of every archaeologist. ~ Sarah Parcak

One Comment Add yours

  1. Karen Hooper says:

    You have very pretty lobster traps & I’ve seen a few – 😂


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