Good For Nothing – or – Good For Something – NEITHER Appeals To Me.


“Good For Nothing!” That is the phase on my mind as soon as I woke up this morning.

What a cheery start to the day, eh! This is no a deep insight.

However, I thought this phrase rather reflected the Theme of Life for most of us.

  • Much of the theme of childhood is, “Be good and stay out of trouble”.
  • Much of the theme of college and university is, “Be good to get a great high paying job = Success!”.
  • Much of the theme of most spiritual guidance is, “Be good or God will make you pay.” God loves you…. “BUT”.
  • Much of the theme of community is, “Be good to earn people’s respect and acceptance.”

“Be good, for goodness’ sake”  is a pretty shallow empty life, and it’s a selfish one too. Every one of these statements is about getting something better for “Me”; they are mostly about “be good” at what you do for you.

I think that right now I question what most call “Good”.  What I am seeing as their good, the good life, is an empty pursuit of some “thing”.

So I got thinking; I really do not wish to be “Good For Nothing”….. But the flip side would  see me striving to be “Good For Something”. Though I have no interest in being “Good for Nothing”, I equally have little desire to be “Good for Something”; …. Some…….Thing”.

Maybe, where I find myself in life right now,  it is best stated as,  be “Good for Someone.”  I think this changes how life is lived most… don’t you think?

Wish I could put  an “S” on the word someone.  

Be good to others…. “for” someone(s); Who cares about what it gets you in the end? I do not want to be good for some “Thing”.

Goodness is a heart full of love for others, not for things, achievements and goals. “Be Good for Someone”.

Yeah, I like that right good, Eh!

Love To Hear From You

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