12 Km of Rope To Lobster Fishing….. Fishing Is A Culture…. Say What?

There is 37,410 feet of rope on my lobster gear. That is just under 12km of rope, or 7.1 miles. And i hand coiled it all in two days as I tied on my lobster gear.

Geographical distance is peanuts compared to cultural distance. I know this because I have lived this tension in many forms and places for almost twenty years. No wonder people at home think I’m a loon… I see so many things differently as a result. I’m no sage…. but people don’t know what they don’t know about the world and about people, and humanity in general. We live such narrow, divided and compartmentalized lives in the west. So much so I find life, especially in some institutions,  suffocating.

Someone once said that you can cross thousands of miles of land and sea to get to some exotic place and people, only to discover the last twelve inches are the most difficult of all. How do you get face to face and understand a people of such a radically different culture?  Ever feel like telling some person who think they have you all figured out, “You don’t know me!”…. well because they don’t?

Talking about my fishing life on Prince Edward Island, on Canada’s East Coast, is not much different. It’s a culture…..

You see the pictures and I’m sure much of it is meaningless to many people. It’s hard to understand unless you have seen fishing in action. I wrestle with how much to describe and explain, or not, on this website.

But fishing is a culture, a unique way of life to live and experience. I have been on the boat since I was nine yrs old and worked for $5 a day.



I’m happy to say that we finally got the traps all tied on to the 12 miles of lobster rope over a week ago. Over two days I hand coiled 37,410 feet of rope.

We haul all 37,000 feet of these lines every day to fish all 300 traps every day, except Sunday (that makes me right spiritual and God like, right, eh?)

Waiting for the weather to dry enough to paint the hull of my boat with anti-fouling paint, then put in the electronics. The CFV “Morning Reflection” should be in the water by weekend.

Love To Hear From You

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